We are proud to offer ethical, sustainable and vegan high fashion products

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Our range of vegan bags is mindfully and respectfully created to offer style, sustainability and empowerment.




The vegan journey, like all journeys, has to start somewhere and while food is a good place to start there are many steps to follow that will lead you to a true vegan lifestyle. Veganism is a way of life and it is one that Love & Love has embraced with enthusiasm.



We use vegan leather (PU) and others eco-friendly materials in our products. We are keen to encourage recycling and practice this by creating our vegan bags linings from ePet (recycled polyester) which is created from recycled plastic drinking bottles and similar.
It is our responsibility as business owners to ensure we reduce waste and where possible eliminate it so that we may continue to Love & Love this beautiful world for many years to come.

It is only good for us if it is good for all.
For all living beings.
For the planet.
For everyone.