The Growth Of Veganism There is no denying that the popularity of Veganism is growing. More and more individuals change to a vegan lifestyle every year. Everyone’s reasons are their own, however, common themes for the changes are clear to see. Veganuary has done much to publicise what living a vegan lifestyle really means, from showing people how to make swaps to offering group support. For those who haven’t come across it, Veganuary is a
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Here at Love & Love, we like to be grounded, to be firm in our beliefs, comfortable in the choices we make and live with love ever-present. We are practical people. We run a business, have to shop for food, and take care of the daily tasks that come with being an adult in today’s world. That doesn’t mean that we can’t prioritise mindfulness, promote the positive, banish the negative and connect with the world’s
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A Post-Lockdown Plea
The past few months have been something of an eyeopener. Here at Love & Love we’ve been talking about the lockdown and our experiences of the Covid-19 crisis. We all agree that alongside the awfulness of the situation there have been some positive points. For one, it has most definitely encouraged us to be more mindful, more humble and certainly more grateful for what we have. Moving forward, many of us will be living our
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Vegan Bags - Stylish and sustainable
Vegan Bags – The Ethical Choice   Do you find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to buying fashion? There are so many colours, materials, features and much more. Why then choose Vegan bags? There are many reasons to shop this way. Vegan bags are the ethical choice, allowing you to make a difference without compromising on style, function or enjoyment.   The Ethical Fashion Choice For Everyone Ethical fashion choices are not limited
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Our Story

January 31, 2020

Our Story

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Love and Love Limited was born in 2019 from the belief that we can change the world by spreading the love that is already present in our daily lives. With many people feeling that we are losing the art and the joy of connecting with others, focusing on rebuilding these connections and promoting this as a positive way of living is important to us. The core of our mission, our branding and our belief is