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Here at Love & Love, we like to be grounded, to be firm in our beliefs, comfortable in the choices we make and live with love ever-present. We are practical people. We run a business, have to shop for food, and take care of the daily tasks that come with being an adult in today’s world. That doesn’t mean that we can’t prioritise mindfulness, promote the positive, banish the negative and connect with the world’s energy.


We believe that everything is connected through energy. Being aware of that energy and harnessing it in the right way is how we will all build a happier, calmer life for ourselves and share positivity into the world. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It takes time, patience and willingness to get “there”. First, you need to unlearn what the world has taught you about your worth and how it should be measured in material things and achievements. You need to process the negative experiences you’ve experienced and find a way to be at peace with them. Only through shedding your fears, your guilt or any other negative feelings about yourself can you truly start to embrace the person that you want to be.


If this year has taught us anything it is that things can change with warning. Terrible things can happen. We can all become a little lost. These are all things that happen and should not be buried or shoved aside. Once you work through them you will effectively be giving your unconscious mind permission to embrace the good. Yes, 2020 has been a shocking year so far in many ways but in others, there have been wonderful examples of love, caring, selflessness and community. We’re agreed that it is the latter that we will look back on when we think of 2020. We will take what we’ve learned about the human connection, the very natural urge to take care of each other and about ourselves and how we look at our collective and personal energies.


The most powerful energy of all is love which is why our Vegan bags company is called Love&Love; a constant reminder of why we do what we do and how we view the world. We invite you to embrace the love in your life, to be mindful and enjoy all that is going on around you and to be at peace and happy within yourself.


We can’t say it any better than Radhanath Swami…..


“ When there is love in our heart only love will come out”