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The past few months have been something of an eyeopener. Here at Love & Love we’ve been talking about the lockdown and our experiences of the Covid-19 crisis. We all agree that alongside the awfulness of the situation there have been some positive points. For one, it has most definitely encouraged us to be more mindful, more humble and certainly more grateful for what we have. Moving forward, many of us will be living our lives differently. We are more sure than ever that building our vegan bags was the right choice for us and many others. We believe that many will now consider more ethical shopping choices and be more selective and health-conscious when choosing personal, business or home items. We have made significant changes related to this ourselves.


Once the dust settles it makes sense to consider our emergence back into the world as a new beginning. Let’s restart life with joy, energy and with a renewed sense of awareness of our actions. This could relate to how we treat people and how we look after ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually. Of course, it has never been more important to look after the world around us. Reduced traffic, lower pollution levels and seeing nature at it’s finest has renewed our enthusiasm for being kind to the world and those in it, including animals.


With this in mind, why not work on your recycling habits? Buy recycled items or opt for ethically made products, such as our vegan bags. Be mindful about the products that you bring into your home and use in daily life. Support companies who are working to build ethical businesses and who are making changes to reflect the new world that we are living in and want to protect. One of the reasons that Love & Love is so meaningful to us is the joy that our brightly coloured designs bring to so many, but also that we are offering something that has been made with care, attention, with ethical practices in mind, and with love.


It has been heartbreaking, after the freshness in the air and after seeing wildlife thrive during lockdown to see media images of beaches strewn with tons of litter. Hearing reports of a return to other negative behaviors that many would have hoped would be put aside after this time of reflection has also been frustrating. It is not all doom and gloom, however. While not everyone affected by the lockdown has had an epiphany or realised that they would like to live their lives differently, a significant number of people have. We believe more and more people will choose to live a happier, more productive, caring and considerate life moving forward.


With summer weather once upon us, this is a great time to lift your face to the sunlight, to feel happy, to enjoy the bright colours around you and take time to really appreciate our surroundings. What changes have you made, or will you make post-lockdown to encourage a more caring world?