Our Story

Our Inspiration

Love & Love is the first Vegan handbag company based in the UK with a Brazilian soul. We launched online in 2020 and the company is the brain-child of two Brazilian sisters, Manuela and Juliana whose ethical values are deep-rooted and stretch far beyond the modern must-have eco-friendly mission statement. The Love & Love products are aimed at females looking for style, sustainability and empowerment when shopping for cruelty-free fashion. The bags have been manufactured from Vegan leather and assorted eco-friendly materials. As a Peta-Approved Vegan brand, Love & Love handbags and accessories do not contain any animal products or use any processes which would result in harm to animals. Love & Love bags are available to order online now and will shortly be stocked in boutiques in the UK and across Europe.

Our Goals

Fashion has a big impact on our world, from how we feel about ourselves to how we treat the environment. We believe in respect to all beings, human or animal and courage steps towards a world where we live in harmony with our beautiful surroundings. We are committed to offering high fashion handbags, designed with 100% non-animal-based materials while showing the world that we can own beautiful and empowering cruelty-free pieces without compromising on sustainability, ethical and fair working practices.