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Love and Love Limited was born in 2019 from the belief that we can change the world by spreading the love that is already present in our daily lives. With many people feeling that we are losing the art and the joy of connecting with others, focusing on rebuilding these connections and promoting this as a positive way of living is important to us.

The core of our mission, our branding and our belief is that loving life and sharing the love of life is and should be at the core of our lives. If you think of the way the heart as an organ works, this illustrates our ethos perfectly. The heart connects everything and brings life. Love, kindness and compassion work in the same way and we want to run our business based on these core beliefs.

In the same way that the heart symbolises the core of life and the connections in life, we see the earth, the soil and particularly seeds as the beginning of life. The inspiration for Love and Love, therefore, is the humble seed. To represent the inspiration for Love and Love Limited in our logo we have included seed imagery.

We hope this gives you an idea of why we started out on the Love and Love journey and why.

Fashion has a big impact on our world, from how we feel about ourselves to how we treat the environment. Here at Love&Love, our mission is to produce vegan bags and accessories that prioritise fairness, sustainability, ethical working practices and cruelty-free production methods.

We have a responsibility to consider the ethical aspects of fashion. Love&Love encompasses all of these but also strives to forge a business that evolves to become an entity that produces pieces that make women feel good about themselves. Our aim is to do this by encouraging mind, body, soul and planet-wide positivity.   We believe in respect to all beings, human or animal and courage steps towards a world where we live in harmony with our beautiful surroundings.

These might seem like big goals for a business such as Love&Love however we feel that big change starts small and builds momentum. Love&Love wants to be part of the movement that encourages a commitment to living an altogether better life. We are committed to offering high fashion handbags, designed with 100% non-animal-based materials while showing the world that we can own beautiful and empowering cruelty-free pieces without compromising on sustainability, ethical and fair working practices.

The future of fashion lies in producing beloved pieces that make people feel valued, appreciated and confident.

Here at Love&Love we firmly believe that that future is Vegan.