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The Growth Of Veganism

There is no denying that the popularity of Veganism is growing. More and more individuals change to a vegan lifestyle every year. Everyone’s reasons are their own, however, common themes for the changes are clear to see.

Veganuary has done much to publicise what living a vegan lifestyle really means, from showing people how to make swaps to offering group support. For those who haven’t come across it, Veganuary is a month-long “go vegan” challenge which runs throughout January every year. The challenge has been rising in popularity with over 240,000 people signing up in 2019 and a staggering 400,000 in 2020.

Why Are So Many People Turning to Veganism?

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing to go Vegan yet most of them make the leap due to having a better awareness of how veganism works and answers to the questions many vegans worry about. Some move over because of their personal health, either because they want to better their health or maintain good health.

Animal welfare and the environment feature highly in the list of reasons to go vegan. Concerns about antibiotics in food have been known to be the tipping point for some.

Worries about getting enough protein and the right vitamins and minerals may have put people off in the past. Again, now that there are so many reliable sources of information about vegan living these myths are easily debunked.


Positive Vegan Role Models

There are many vegan role models in the public eye who are happy to advocate for the vegan lifestyle. Professional athletes are amongst those who have changed the way they eat, shop and live.

From professional bodybuilders to runners, footballers, skiers and more, it is clear that adequate nutrition and fuel is not an issue when vegan if you are savvy and educated yourself about it. Venus Williams is a vegan, for example, and there is no doubt when you see her on the court that she is enjoying a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

As well as athletes many public figures these days have turned to the vegan way of life. Joaquin Phoenix has been vegan since he was three years old, is a member of PETA and actively campaigns for animal rights, environmental causes and to share his vegan story. Beyonce and Ariana Grande are both vegans, as is Benedict Cumberbatch who was named as PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegan in 2018.

Why is this important? Celebs aren’t “better” vegans than someone who isn’t in the headlines but they do use their platforms to share truths, advocate for ethical living and to actively push for change. This has helped many learn more about veganism and then transition over to this healthier, more kind way of living.


The Future

More than ever, people are turning to veganism in order to protect their own health, protect animal welfare and the environment. There isn’t the stigma of being vegan that there once was. The majority of restaurants have a vegan menu available and supermarkets stocking plant-based foods and now change the labelling on everyday items to show whether they are suitable.

Many believe, as do we, that veganism is the only solution for the environment and the planet. It’s great to see so many others taking the time to separate fact from fiction to make an educated choice about becoming a vegan.